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We recognised that a flexible delivery service matters a lot to consumers. Biffy provides options and alternatives to its customers. Option to cancel a booked dispatch before it is accepted by any of our dispatchers.

We come to your doorsteps to pick up your parcel. Your delivery is within 12 hours and you have an option to validate the parcel when it arrives.

24hrs Services

With BiffyRider you can order our delivery service to pick up your parcel at any time. We have given you the power to decide when to book your parcel to be picked up by our dispatchers.

With the use of our technology and our Freelance dispatchers close to you, they are online 24/7 to accept your order and come to your location with the help of our mapping tools to deliver your parcel within 12 hours.


Biffy recognises every effort put in place in expanding her business model. We have integrated blockchain-powered consumer loyalty to reward individuals and drivers who onboard other drivers.

This reward is for life and it is with BMToken. What this means is that if I help you to join the Biffy Freelance dispatch community, every time you pick and deliver a parcel I am rewarded with BMToken of 3 -5% of the parcel fee in BMToken, which I can use in real-time on the simple merchant market place to spend on partnering stores or take 100% ownership of the reward in my blockchain wallet and store the reward there. You can accumulate BMToken for free as an affiliate partner to BIffy. The most exciting part is that in the future this token will be tradeable in the global market.

Competitive Price

Biffy Dispatch model is based on Freelance, otherwise called community dispatch. We are redefining logistics delivery and we are the first to provide a freelance dispatch technology structure in the logistics industry.

If I am headed for Lagos island I can use Biffy to pick parcels going to the island and deliver along my routes, or if I am on the mainland and there is a pickup on the mainland to be delivered on the mainland I accept and deliver, this makes our price model very competitive. With the use of our technology, we can comfortably say our prices are cheap and affordable when compared with other delivery service providers.


Every product you order on Biffys e-commerce partner: Simple merchant ( is safe and secure. We have integrated Biffy dispatch to guarantee you receive your orders from merchants who own stores on the platform. Your order from Simple merchant comes directly to the Biffy dispatch dashboard to notify any of our Freelance Dispatchers to pick up the items from the merchants you place your order.

We have also provided you with tools to track and trace your order as it leaves the merchant at your location. We have the highest code verification and validation system to link pick up of parcel and receiving of the parcel. Without our code validation confirmation received only by the parties authorised to execute. Independent users of Biffy are also covered as they use the Biffy dispatch service. You get a code that must be presented to Biffy dispatchers to lock your parcel and a second code to the receiver to claim the parcel.

KYC/ Verification

Biffy has a strong KYC/ Verification compliance standard for all users of the service.

As a driver and as a user, all our Freelance drivers MUST pass through 4 level verification with a climax of a guarantor that must be approved by the biffy legal team.

Biffyrider as a side Hustle

As an uber or bolt driver you can use biffy rider to pick up items going through your way and deliver them. All you just need is to register your ride on our platform.

This also applies to anyone who wants to use BiffyRider as a Side Hustle. If You have a good working car or bike you can start the registration process for approval. You decide the location you wish to pick up and deliver a parcel..

How to Apply as a Biffy Dispatcher, or to use Biffy to send an item.

Biffy dispatch is integrated into a simple merchant web and mobile application.

How to Apply as
a Biffy Dispatcher

  • Download the Simple merchant app from the play store.
  • Register on the platform.
  • Order For Biffy virtual discount card.
  • Get access to register your vehicle: Car or Bike.

How to use Biffy
to send an item

  • Download the Simple merchant app from the play store.
  • Create an account.
  • Upload your KYC.
  • Click on dashboard and scroll to *SEND an ITEM* with Biffy.